David R Freeland Jr

David R Freeland Jr

With an artist's eye and a craftsman's touch, David R. Freeland Jr's jewelry designs are handcrafted from the finest high quality gemstones found in his travels. Using lapidary techniques, each stone is carefully cut to bring out its natural beauty and is meticulously inlaid by hand, taking extra time to ensure the finest handmade quality. His use of unconventional shapes, textures and proportions create distinctive one of a kind designs. David's work is bold, traditional, and elegant with a contemporary appeal.

David's passion for jewelry design began in his youth drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of the Southwest and his father who traded with Native American craftsmen. He draws much of his inspiration from nature and is committed to supporting ecological projects.

David has spent more than 48 years perfecting his craft and creating unique collections of jewelry and art that include his highly collectable Silver Kachina Dolls, beautifully inlaid collectable beads, pop culture inspired designs, fine jewelry, and a multitude of one of a kind custom designed pieces. His masterful jewelry work includes a selection of the highest quality opal with diamonds, tanzanite, sapphires, tourmalines, and rubies set in 18k gold and platinum.


David's work goes beyond the physical... it touches your soul.